Squirrels. Part I Is the 8th episode of season 1


The mayor attempts to smear the politician by planting drugs in his house. But as all hell breaks loose when the mayor learns the politician was sleeping with his wife, two squirrel brothers find their survival skills tested while on a journey to freedom after their tree was knocked down by lightning. Meanwhile, at a pet shop, a snake and her mouse prey face off while pet store puppies settle a turf war.




Season 1
Rats Pigeons Cats Dogs Rats (2) Pigeons (2) Flies Squirrels. Part I Squirrels. Part II Turkeys.
Season 2
Rats. (3) Pigeons. (3) Roaches. Squirrels. (2) Humans. Rats. (4) Cats Part 1. Cats Part 2. Worms Birds Possums. Dog.